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SEPT 2017: Public Expedition Zandmotor#12: Landing Sites:
JUNE 2017: Tuinieren zonder Grenzen, Oerol 2017:
MAY 2017: Public Expedition Zandmotor#11 & Festival Designkwartier:
APRIL 2017: Werklandschap Zandmotor:
FEBR 2017: Prospectors - Intersections, Art Rotterdam:
DEC 2016: Public Expedition Solleveld & Zandmotor#10:
SEPT 2016: Public Expedition Zandmotor#9:
AUGUST 2016: News!
JULY 2016 Expeditie#8: Landschapsextracten Waterland:
JUNE 2016 Public Expedition Zandmotor#7:
‪MAY‬ 2016 Festival Designkwartier:
APRIL 2016 News & Review:

Dutch artists collective Satellietgroep (The Hague, 2006) explores the sea, coastal transitions, climate change and the role of mankind in these processes in the Netherlands and abroad.
The team of artists collective Satellietgroep performs artistic field research into the impact of mankind on climate change, sea level rise & the hybrid relations between mankind and socalled (often man made) nature in the Netherlands and abroad. The current curatorial team of Satellietgroep is Jacqueline Heerema, Francois Lombarts and Lotte Bosman.

Artistic research areas in the Netherlands: Zandmotor, Scheveningen, Waddensea (Vlieland, Terschelling), polders Waterland and Haarlemmermeer, Afsluitdijk & more.
Recent research projects and public presentations: Destination Highway Afsluitdam (Afsluitdijk, Making Waves 2017), Gardening without Borders (Wadden, Oerol 2017), Prospectors - three layers of landscape (Intersections Art Rotterdam 2017), Landschapsextracten (polder Waterland, 2016), Waterpionier (Zandmotor, 2016).

Satellietgroep collaborates with international colleagues initiatives and works with artists in residents, artists, designers and students during their artistic process to do fieldwork and develop new works and insights. We connect arts and science with audiences. Sometimes residents also become part of the collective!
Check out our residency opportunities in The Hague at at

Special location for artistic research and artist in residency program is the Zandmotor south of The Hague. Since 2014 Satellietgroep explores the Zandmotor as cultural phenomenon.
The Zandmotor is a pilot near The Hague that uses the principles of 'Building with Nature'. This innovative project aims to generate new knowledge in times of climate change and relative sea level rise for our future coastal protection. An innovation, built on the foreshore in 2011 with 21,5 million cubic meters of sand. The Zandmotor is the only Dutch area outside the dikes that is exposed to the tides, built to transform and even assimilate around 2030 in sea, beach and dunes. The result is a dynamic extension of the coast, a new controlled ‘wilderness’. The Zandmotor is an publicly accessible open air scientific and artistic laboratory.

Lina Issa and Mayar Alexan - The Atlantic Project
Lotte Geeven - The Sand Machine
Maurice Meewisse - Coffee Break
Cocky Eek - Landing Sites
Satellietgroep & Onkruidenier - Waterpionier
Atelier NL - Zandmotor ZandGlas
ArtScience students - ElementsLab
iii - Sand Songs
Esther Kokmeijer - Climate Proof
Laboratory for Microclimates - Zandzicht
Sarah Cameron Sunde (USA) - 36.5/a long durational performance with the sea
Berndnaut Smilde - Breaking Light, followed by Breaking Light#2 during TodaysArts
Josje Hattink - Mistaking Clouds for Mountains
Theun Karelse - Next Doggerland, Fossils Soup
Zoro Feigl - Untangling the Tides

New York City, Japan, UK, Malta, Lithuania, Russia, Georgia, Moldova, Turkey & more.

Call for co authors - The Atlantis Project

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The Atlantis Project is an artistic research project by theater practitioners Lina ‘Issa and Mayar Alexan, part of Dancing on the Edge Festival and published in Dancing on the Edge’s Magazine DOTE. This site-specific performance will open the Dancing on the Edge Festival in November 2017, on the beach near the Zuiderstrandtheater in The Hague, in cooperation with Satellietgroep.

Do you have a special relationship with the sea or do you feel that the sea has played a role in (the shaping of) your identity? And would you like to contribute to an artistic research project about the sea that will be exhibited at Dancing on the Edge Festival? Then read on and/or sign up below!

September 17 Public Expedition Zandmotor#12: Landing Sites

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SEPTEMBER 17, 2017:

During the artist in residency at the Zandmotor with Satellietgroep in February 2017, Cocky Eek developed Landing Sites to be tested during Oerol in June 2017 and the final presentation of the artistic research project will be once more at the Zandmotor on September 17.

The project is developed in collaboration with Matthijs Munnik and Geartsje van der Zee and co-produced by Schweigman&, with the support of Stroom Den Haag.

Image: Landing Sites, Renske Maria van Dam.

Destination Highway Afsluitdam - Making Waves 07092017

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In progress: artistic research by the team of artist collective Satellietgroep of 'Destination Highway Afsluitdam', for the program of Making Waves to be presented at the Afsluitdijk on September 7, 2017.
Commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure & Environment.

- a straight line with a slight curve -

For ‘Making Waves’ Artists Collective Satellietgroep sourced the man-made Afsluitdijk as innovative milestone of geological time, landmark for climate change and highway for migration.

Join the PHOTO BOOTH ‘MAKE-TAKE’ for your Eye-to-Eye with the craftsmen who build the Afsluitdijk. 

‘Dijkwerkers’ (Hildo Krop, 1934), with special thanks to the private collector. Photograpy by Hugo Schuitemaker.

Explore the DAMBAR for your DIY ‘Destination Highway Afsluitdam’ Souvenir. Relict of relocated raw materials & species.

Courtesy Van Herik (Engeneering the future of water) and our local guides Jacob Holkema (Informatiecentrum Afsluitdijk), Hinko Talsma & Bas Kers (Floron), Marco Lont (till), Zuiderzeemuseum. Video by Flora Reznik.



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I-Chern Lai, Nobuyuki Yamamoto, Yasunori Kawamatsu
July 14, 15 & 16
Opening Friday July 14 at 17:00
Venue: Billytown Bookshop, Capadosestraat 11 The Hague

We warmly invite you to join the small presentation by artist in residence I-Chern Lai, Nobuyuki Yamamoto, Yasunori Kawamatsu. During a month residency at our DCR Gueststudios in The Hague each artist explored Nature, Society and History.
This presentation is part of the international exchange project between the Netherlands, Japan and Scotland.
With special thanks to Billytown, 3TREESceramics, ASAHI SHINBUM FOUNDATION, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Fazle Shairmahomed, Naomie Pieter, Nishi Ko, Asami Kiuchi.

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